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email: tanjarom [at] gmail.com

tel: +41 76 563 7272

Häringstrasse 20, 8001 Zürich

I look forward to hearing from you by phone or email. Please feel free to leave times that you are available for me to contact you so that we can discuss making an appointment for your first session.  

What to expect during your first appointment

We will use the first session to discuss your therapeutic goals. Some clients find it helpful to make some notes and bring them to the first meeting. We will go over your goals together and I will explain to you some of the methods that I typically use. I'll also have some basic administrative information to discuss with you.


My rates are in line with the typical Zürich rates.

I am a certified FSP Psychologist and am on the " santésuisse-Liste." This means that my services can be covered by your supplementary insurance. Each health insurance company has different rules for how their supplementary insurance covers psychotherapy. Please ask your insurance company about their coverage.


I am Swiss and British and fluent in both German and English.