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Psychotherapy, Coaching, Counseling

Each client is unique: some clients' needs are best served with a few meetings where others prefer regular sessions over a longer period of time. I offer flexible individualized services adapted to meet your personal needs. I am available to consult both for short and long-term counseling, addressing acute issues and chronic issues. 

Diagnostic Services for Children and ADOLESCENTS

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have over ten years of experience as a school psychologist in Kanton Zürich. I offer an array of diagnostic services for children and adolescents focusing on achieving the best outcome for each child. My services include: developmental and behavioral assessment, second opinions, psycho-educational testing, neuro-developmental  testing, psychological and neuropsychological testing. If necessary, I can also provide you with evaluation reports which can be submitted for standardized test and classroom accommodations. 

School Consulting 

Through my many years of experience as a school psychologist in Kanton Zürich, I became very familiar with supporting children and parents who are struggling with school related questions. These questions can range from understanding how best to advocate for children within the school system, to evaluating different school options, and to help determine if and what type of additional support can best meet each child's needs.  I also able to support you with questions about parent's and children's rights within the school system.

I will be pleased to meet with you to help with any questions related to school issues and challenges as well as to support you while you navigate and work together within the school system.

Family Therapy and Parental Therapy

I work with families as well as family subgroups, such as couples, parents or members of melded families. In family systems, our behaviors at times are a function of the family relationships. In family therapy, we focus on the interactions between the family members. These interactions develop patterns that may repeat over time. It is my aim, that together, we perceive and understand each family member in his or her role within the family interactions. The goal being to help the family members outgrow, old negative patterns and while reinforcing and building new strengthening structures.